Happy birthday, Meredith!

Okay, okay… I realize that today is not actually my sister’s birthday (it was March 10) but tonight’s the night that the family’s going to dinner to celebrate her 17th birthday. Better late than never?

Anyway, Meredith is in the middle of her junior year in high school. And let me tell you, it has not been a walk in the park. Or a swim in the pond. Or even a run through the boonies. Basically, it’s been hard. She knew it would be, after watching me struggle through it my junior year, but what can you do? Drop out?

So this whole year, she’s struggled well with her AP classes (especially US History), swam on the swim team, and taken so many standardized tests and essays that she’s probably gone through a whole pack of pencils. And she’s done well with everything that school has thrown at her!

And finally, finally, she’s getting some recognition for all of the work she’s putting in to everything! She got a national recognition for one of her craft projects and she’s also going to nationals for DECA too. Wow! I’ve got a hard-working, amazing sister 🙂

So tonight, we’re going to dinner to celebrate her birthday, finishing the SAT this morning, and hopefully another win for UNC 😉 I’m so happy that Meredith has accomplished so much and that she’s still pushing forward to finish junior year. Only four months left, Meredith! (You’ll never think you could enjoy summer break so much).

And you didn’t think I would forget a complete roll of pictures of Meredith and I as kids, did you?!


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  1. Dave


    You brought a tear to my eye as you wrote that and shared your love for M. As a parent you hope your kids havethat fondness and closeness for each other , but nothing is guaranteed. I espec like the first picture!

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