Today in my fitness class, I made a TOUCHDOWN!  Picture me doing this at the end of the field:

But seriously, it was a good feeling because it was during the tournament at the end of our football unit.  (The next and final unit is soccer- ew.)

…It’s funny because every time I think of “football” I think of the Carolina Panthers or my tarheels.  But every time I think of playing football, I think of these guys:


I will always associate playing football with my bestest friends ever.  Both of these were taken on Church at Charlotte trips (the first one is the 2009 Fall Retreat and the second is the senior retreat to LA).  Side note: see the football at the bottom of the second pic?  That proves that we were legit and played football on the Santa Monica beach!  Here are some action shots of us playing football that makes it look that we’re just standing on a big field.

Those days were seriously the best times I’ve ever had playing football.  Bryce, Matt, and Curran were the serious “I’ll defend the quarterback” people, Amy and Travis were the quarterbacks, and Becca, Sam, and I were the decoys/distractions until we popped up out of nowhere and scored some serious points. 😉

So to any of my CAC besties out there reading this post, I propose that we get together sometime this summer and play some football!  And to everyone out there, wish me luck on Wednesday when my school team plays in the championship game!

Photo of Erik Highsmith found here.



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2 responses to “Touchdown!

  1. Loved reading about this- and congrats on that touchdown! I can’t wait to get back out there and play with our dear friends!

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