Sarcastic Post

Goodness gracious, oh my gravy, golly gee willikers,  and good golly, Miss Molly- dontcha just know I Loove chemistry lab?!

I mean, it’s always a great day when I get to go to lab for four hours every Thursday but then the chem department goes above and beyond and and adds a 4 hour lab report (if I’m lucky, it takes more than that!).  So imagine my complete and utter giddiness when our experiment didn’t work because they gave us the WRONG chemicals!  That’s right folks, my dream came true and after an hour and a half of trying to make our experiment work with no positive results, I got to spend 3.5 hours doing an experiment with the right chemicals (finally) that was supposed to take only 1.5 hours.  If only I had this much luck every Thursday…

Okay.  Enough sarcasm.  Personally, I’m not a sarcastic, let-it-drip-from-your-every-word kind of a girl, but today I just felt the need to get it out of my system while simultaneously bashing chemistry lab.  I guess you can say I’m in a “kill two birds with one stone” kinda mood.

But today is just georgous day here at UNC!  And who wants to be stuck inside doing titrations when they could be enjoying all of the beauty UNC has to offer?

When you compare Kenan Labs (where my chem lab is)…

…to the rest of campus…

…it’s really a n0-brainer.  But here’s to a wonderful 80° weather weekend to you all!  Any wonderful plans you’d like to share?

Titration picture found here, Kenan labs photo here, and old well photo here.


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