What I’m Looking Forward To

  1. The Cornerstone women’s beach retreat. This year the Cornerstone women are leaving UNC for a weekend and going to Wrightsville beach!  I am SO incredibly excited, especially since I get to spend time with these lovely ladies:
    And while I’m really excited to hang with these friends, I can’t wait to meet new people too!  It’s always nice to walk around campus after retreats and recognize new faces, especially when you know you spent a great weekend with them.
  2. Finishing my chemistry lab. If you stood in the lab for four hours and write a chem lab report every week (and those take 4+ hours to do!), you would dread the chemistry lab at UNC just as much as I do.  I seriously can’t wait to get my Thursdays (and weekends, Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays..) back.  Only one more experiment and then the final!
  3. Living with Lindsay next year. Meet Lindsay:

    Oops, sorry… that’s a picture of Lindsay that Becca took trying to be “artsy.” 🙂  Here’s a real picture of Lindsay. 

    Lindsay and I are going to be roommates next year and I’m stoked!  We both mentioned to mutual friends that we were looking for a roommate for next year and they introduced us.  The first time we got together was for coffee and we talked for more than two hours.  We even got to go on a spring break trip with some other friends (seen in the first picture) this year.  She’s a great friend already and I can’t wait to share a (completely adorable and fully decorated) room with her next year!

  4. Getting a new computer. Some of my friends know that I have Mac envy but what some people might not know is the sad shape that my current computer is in.  The screen likes to wobble, the computer generates enough heat to cook an egg, and it’s heavy.  But that will all change when I get a shiny new Mac computer. 🙂  The only reason I haven’t gotten it yet is because I’m waiting for the summer when Apple has package deals for students.  For extra goodies like a printer and iPod touch, I’m willing to put up with this old clunker for three more months.
  5. A trip to Serbia this summer. That’s right, I’m going to Serbia!  For those who don’t know where Serbia is, it’s in southeast Europe, near Greece, as seen in this map (in red).
    I.cannot.wait.for.this.trip!  Dina was a foreign exchange student who stayed with my family two years ago when I was a junior in high school.  We’ve talked on skype recently and Dina  says she has everything all planned out already. 🙂 I’m ready to eat a lot, travel throughout Serbia and Greece, go to the beach, meet her friends and family, and experience her life in Serbia.  After all, she came and lived with my family in the US for an entire year, I think it’s only fair that I go and see her for two measly weeks.  I’ll post more about the trip to Serbia and how Dina came to stay with us when I have more information/time but for now here’s a picture of the amazing girl herself. 

So what about you guys- what are you looking forward to (long or short term)?  Any one else going out of the country this summer?

I know two friends- Amy and Rebecca.  Amy’s going to Africa this summer as part of a missions trip and she blogging about her preparations along with some fun everyday stuff- you should check it out.  My other friend, Rebecca, is traveling to Sweden to visit two of our mutual friends who are going to a bible college for a year and you can find out all about it here.

Map of Serbia found here.



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