I’m Craving the Beach

Ahh… as I blogged about a couple days ago, I’m going to the beach this weekend with Campus Crusade!  (Wrightsville Beach, if you want to be specific.)  Here’s a pic of where we’re staying:

You can expect there will be a lot of painting of nails, talking, movie-watching, Banagrams-playing, and picture-taking.  (Just a tidbit: I’ve been in the mood to watch Pride and Prejudice lately.  But not the Keira Knightley version- the real version.)

And the focus of our talks will be about what we CRAVE.  Well the beach sounds just as good a place as any to talk about that!

Lately I’ve had a hard time finishing projects but this week I made sure I finished all my studying and projects before this trip so that I wasn’t kicking myself the whole time feeling guilty that I wasn’t working on anything.  Ahh… the wonders of actually finishing things ahead of time 🙂

The only, and I mean ONLY downside is the weather.  Boo to you, weather!  You never cooperate with me when I go to the beach!  If the sun could just beat its rays a little stronger so we could raise the temperature a couple of degrees… please?

And for all of you reading this, I hope you have a great weekend as well!  I’ll be back after the weekend to share some highlights. 🙂


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