Meet the Artist: Sam

My friend Sam writes some pretty good poems.

Seriously.  They’re like little golden nuggets of pure awesomeness.  Consider me Veruca Salt- you know, the girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who gets sent down the “bad egg” chute cause she wants one of those golden eggs so badly.  That’s how I feel about these “little buggers” (straight from the artist himself).

Well, I’m not that obsessed to the point where I find myself falling through trap doors walking around campus, but you get the idea.  And I’m not sure if you’ll find these as entertaining as I do, but if anyone out there is in need of a smile or pick-me-up, these will surely git ‘er done.  (Especially when you need some “soul searching” reading during finals week.)

It all started when Sam had to go to a family reunion in the mountains last summer.  Or the summer before that?  Point is- he was bored.  SO bored that he started writing haikus about the monotony of his days stuck in a cabin in the Tennessee mountains with only little cousins to keep him entertained.  Although his haikus are few and far between nowadays, I’ve got a special deal with the artist.

So I’ve decided to use that power to share some of those golden eggs with you.  (After Sam wrote them, of course.)  In fact, here’s a picture I snagged of him making them:

But without further ado, here are some haikus, straight from the artist himself.

“Bad Pun”
Guru on a mount
What is the porpoise of life?
“A seal-y question”

“Dickie Vitale”
Forget those studies
Who needs a life anyway?
March Madness, baby!

“My Day”
Sam no check weather
He soaked on his way to class
Larry Sprinkle laughs

*For those not from the 704, Larry Sprinkle is the local weatherman.  And yes, that’s his real name.

A HUGE thank you to Sam for sharing his inner-most thoughts with us.  Can’t wait for this summer so we can hang out all.the.time.  Who else out there loves these as much as I do?  (Or at least wants to pretend like they do.)    Here’s my attempt at writing a haiku:

“What a Great Monday”
Pears are not good fruits
Don’t keep them in a backpack
They like to explode

Anyone want to take a whack at writing their own? Just comment below 🙂  (And there’s no judging at all on this blog, just fun times- seriously- did you just read mine? And yes, that did happen today.  You can take a whiff of my now scratch-and-sniff textbooks if you want proof.)

Golden egg photo found here and oompa-loompa photo here.


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