Hi there everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but schoolwork is again taking over my life.  So in order to provide some goodies for you to read while I keep my sanity and work on my LAST chem lab that’s due tomorrow, I’ve decided to do a bulleted post!  They probably won’t have anything to do with eachother and might resemble my brain in soup form.  You know- a little bit of potato, a lil’ bit of meat, some seasoning and tomatoes, and a whole lot of nothin’.  So here goes:

  • The women’s beach retreat was amazing and I promise I’ll post more about that (probably this weekend).  In the mean time, my friend Julie went on the retreat too and she wrote the most amazing post about it.
  • I had my fitness class today (also talked about here) and we played soccer.  Amazingly, I enjoyed it!  I was not about to publicly humiliate myself by pretending to play soccer and I didn’t want to do laps up and down the field by myself just to look like I was trying, so I volunteered to be the goalie.  Here are the exact words from my TA: “I think you’ve missed your calling… you should have been a goalie growing up.”  WHAT?!  You mean to say that I’m actually good at a sport in this class?!  That I could actually be valuable to this team?!  Made my day. 🙂
  • I got an email from my AP English teacher last week and have yet to email him back.  Not because I don’t want to- actually I can’t wait to email him back- but because schoolwork and sleep somehow have taken a priority status the past couple of days.  But you know what, now I have that much more to email him!
  • I want to play bananagrams.  Best game in the world.
  • I want sleep.
  • It’s raining in Chapel Hill a lot this week and next which, of course, means my rainboots had to break.

Yeah, so that’s about it.  Haha, you can tell I thought about each bullet a little less every time.  But I guess this post is pretty representative of what I’ve been through since Sunday at 4:00 when I got back from the beach retreat.  Cue sad (and droopy-eyed tired) face.


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