Dorm Room Plans

To most of my friends, it comes as no surprise when I tell them I love decorating.  I like to think of myself as a “nester” who just wants to decorate and DIY all of the rooms of my future house/apartment so they look put together and fun at the same time.

Lately, I’ve been inspired to mentally plan out my future dorm room.  I’ll be moving on north campus which means (fingers crossed!) larger rooms with taller ceilings and closets.  Can’t you see me wringing my hands with a crazed look on my face thinking of all the decorating opportunities?!  I’m positively ecstatic!

But just so you know why I’m so excited, let’s take a look at my dorm room now:

The room isn’t horrible, per se, but I definitely have high expectations for my room next year.  I’ve loved my dorm room this year and the storage is great, but I’m excited to have a room that doesn’t have cinder block walls or an entire wall of paneling.  And thankfully, my roommate is on board with the design for next year!

I know the walls next year will be just as white as they are now, but I’m pretty sure they’ll look less industrial and more “homey”.  And a window that I can actually open is a HUGE improvement from the half hidden window of this year.  As for what to put in the room, I’m thinking some fun accessories will really help the room pop.  Ready to see what I’ve got my eye on?  Here they are:

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a pet at school.  But that basically limits you to fish, hermit crabs, or an ant farm.  (Random fact: I’ve had all three as pets before in my life.  My dad’s super allergic to basically anything that moves or that you can hold so those were my choices growing up.)  But even though I could still have any of those animals in my dorm room next year, I figured I’d skip all the “cleanup” involved and just DIY a lamp that we could hang from the ceiling instead!

As for the second picture, I’d love to have this as my side table/desk lamp.  It just looks so cute and would definitely add that splash of color that I was talking about earlier.  Not to mention it’s something I could use later when I get an apartment and want something fun to decorate with.

And finally, one thing that I miss having this year in my dorm room is a chair.  Right now, I’m basically confined to #1, my bed or #2, my desk chair when I want to lounge.  Rule out option #1 since it’s basically the most uncomfortable metal and pleather chair you could sit in.  And lounging on my bed is fine, especially since it’s the best place for me to watch tv, but it’d be great to have a different place to lounge and do my homework at the same time.

So just in case you’re wondering if I’m completely crazy for actually liking these things or are starting to question if I should really be doing this to my roommate next year (I know you’re reading this, Lindsay), I just want to say


Ahh, I hope I got at least one of you guys reading this post!  I don’t ever do April fool’s jokes on people cause I never deliver them right.  But I thought I’d give it a shot this year since it would be a virtual April fool’s joke.  Did you fall for it?  Did you have second guesses about me living with you next year, Lindsay?  And if I totally messed up the whole joke, at least I tried haha.  Hope you all are having a great April fools day and if you got pranked or pranked some else today, I’d love to hear about it!

Bird lamp found here, owl lamp here, and inflatable chair here.



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2 responses to “Dorm Room Plans

  1. Lindsay

    ahahaha you got me 🙂 i definitely thought you wanted those things in the three pictures and i must say i was trying to convince myself in my head that they would somehow fit in our room in a cute fashion! hahah but i am SOOOOO excited to decorate with you! our room is going to be the absolute best 🙂

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