(Not) My Future

My chemistry lab final exam is tomorrow.  But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why forcing myself into the library with nothing but my chem lab notebooks wasn’t making me actually study chem.

I mean, what greater motivation is there than knowing your final is in… 18 hours.  (Shoot!)  But then I realized that part of the reason I couldn’t focus is because I found some pretty hilarious pictures while surfing the internet last weekend and I haven’t shared them with you yet.

So here goes, my (not) future in pictures (except for the last one, that would just be too cool):

This is (not) what my wedding party will look like.  You know what would make it even better- if all the guests came dressed like this too.

And for the reception, I (do not) want a cake like this.  For those who are confused by this picture, the cake is on the left.  True story, the first couple minutes of staring at this picture, I thought it was her twin sister giving a toast.  (Hint: it’s not.)

And after a long and healthy life, this is what my husband and I will look like around age 80.  Truly, that would be the greatest gift if my husband and I could still roll out of bed, throw on some track suits and look half as good as this couple!

Yes, this is what was preventing me from studying chem today.  And now I give myself complete permission to continue to search for more fun pictures.  Although, typing earlier that I only have 18 hours until my final tomorrow has me a little more motivated.  Wish me luck!

Update: I had my chem final today at 8:00 am and  I think I did pretty well!  (Knock on wood.)

Wedding and cake pictures found here and the picture of the cutest couple found here.


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