Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Mommy, I know you’re gonna read this and say “What about all the studying you have to do?!”  But studying can wait 15 minutes cause I need to give you your own post.

I. Love. You.

Did ya get that?  Cause it’s true.  You have done so much to help me through high school, college, and you’ve read countless essays, helped me with my craft projects, organized “field trips” when we were little, took us on “mom and kid trips”, came to visit me at college, and always let Meredith and I know you loved us.

I can’t wait for this summer when I get to hang out with you more cause you’re pretty awesome and it’s nice to have a twin around 😉

So happy birthday, Mommy, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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One response to “Happy Birthday, Mommy!

  1. Tressa Morrow

    Thanks for my very own post! Let’s not wait for summer – I can’t wait for this Sunday to have a drive time talk. I love the different spin you are taking on your stress.

    Also, love the new background you have.

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