Music Monday- Sleepyhead Sun

Walking to class today (before registration where I got all my classes- wahoo!) I was listening to my ipod and “Sleepyhead Sun” by Chris Rice came up.  It was just the most perfect song for me to listen to this morning in the midst of worrying about registering for classes and my chem test tomorrow.

And yes, I know this video contains many strange anime characters, so I personally suggest minimizing the screen.  Especially if you’re as confused as I am when I watch it.

But what really got me about that song was the chorus:

You are the gift, you are the proof
The Lord looks down and warms my roof
You are the light, you are the sign
That I am loved and life is mine

It was just what I needed to hear: that He is the one who sends the sun to warm the earth and He is the one who is the sign and guides me in life to show that I am loved and He loves me.  God would never take me down a path that would lead me to fall away from him so it’s reassuring that although the stress has been far from enjoyable lately, God’s been putting it in my life so that I can see God’s love and draw closer to him.

Chris Rice has a lot of amazing songs like this where he finds the most amazing ways to say that we are loved by God.  Needless to say, his albums will be on repeat for me during the next few weeks with exams.


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