On Who I Am (at the moment)…

I am…

…sitting in the living room blogging because I woke up on my own before 8 am.  Who knew that was even possible?

…hoping that my job offer comes through at Villa Antonio.  Long story short, I met with the manager and he said “You’ve got a job!” (although in a way more sophisticated way, I mean, have you seen Villa Antonio?!).  Then yesterday I get a call from Villa Antonio’s assistant that they’re not hiring anyone right now.  After calming down from being more than a little steamed, I decided to call the guy that hired me and ask if I was really out of luck (because he mentioned that they already have a hostess but they’re firing her).  Soo… I hope she is still getting fired and I’m still going to have a job.

…excited to make this amazing chandelier this summer.

…slowly but surely getting annoyed with tv.  This is only the product of having no job coupled with nothing interesting on tv.

…going to see my  incredible friends in Raleigh tomorrow!  I’m driving up with my friend Rebecca to meet Lindsay (future roommate), Julie, Katherine, and Mary Katherine.  Amy‘s coming up Sunday morning where we’ll all go to Summit (my home church when I’m at UNC) to see Mary Katherine get baptized (on her birthday, no less)!

…loving my new haircut (just a trim, but a darn good one at that!)

…dreaming of where I want to live after I graduate college and get a job.

…so excited for Emily Hoffman to be back in the US!

…really needing to post more about Serbia.  After all, it’s only 2 months and 1 week away!


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