Learning to be Thankful

After a recent conversation/breakdown with my mom, I’ve realized that I’m not very thankful for the great and wonderful things God has given me. I did not want to admit this to my mom, but she was right that I need to start looking at things from a more positive viewpoint because looking at everything from a negative viewpoint only brings you down more and more until there is no hope left.  And a life without hope is no way to live.

“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.”
-Psalm 39:7-

One thing I was trapped in was thinking was that in order to be happy, the good things that have happened in my life had to outweigh the bad.  That’s absolutely not true.  In fact, it’s not possible because God is the only thing that can overcome the devil and his doings.

“And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”
Romans 16:20-

So today I want to take time (more for myself than anything) to look at the good things in my life.  And by publishing it on this blog for everyone to see, it’ll be here forever for me to reference back to.  I’m also hoping that for everyone who reads this and then later hears me going back to the ways of thinking that “nothing is going my way” and “nothing good happens”, “only bad things happen” will remind me to go back to this post and remember that good things do happen.  God is good.

I’m also hoping that this will open someone’s eyes out there that even though life looks awful right now (or has been for several years) that there are so many blessings in your life that you’re just passing off because you’re focusing too much on the bad things.

So without further ado, here’s my “Thankful List”:

  1. Health- I can run, jump, think clearly, ride bikes, workout, and am not limited when it comes to chasing little kids around when I babysit.
  2. There are families that allow me to come into their lives and babysit their children (and occasionally travel with them).  I’m pretty sure they don’t know how much of a blessing they are to me.  Not only are their kids amazing and I want to be just like them but the parents are so loving and inclusive of me in their families.
  3. God has given me his word and churches all around me (in Charlotte and Chapel Hill) that speak proclaim his word and the gospel.  I have learned and grown to understand and put into practice so much more from Summit and Elevation in the past year than I ever thought possible.
  4. I have wonderful friends all over the state and country that I met at UNC.  They’re so amazing.
  5. Even though my family only has 3 cars for 4 people, my mom’s job is only 5 minutes away which means I drive her to work and pick her up after work and there haven’t been any problems with cars since I’ve been back from school.
  6. I passed chemistry 102.
  7. I got an A in business english.
  8. My family’s been able to host so many people over the years.  Our first “host student” was Vickie and she was here for the summer from France.  Then 2 years later Dina came to stay with us for an entire year from Serbia and this summer, Madison (an intern at Glenstone Chapel) is staying with us for the summer.  Everyone of these girls is amazing and I’d venture to say that they’ve taught me more than I could have ever taught them.
  9. I have the best friends in Charlotte.  All from Church at Charlotte, we could literally be locked in a square room for a couple of days and have the best time.  These people make leaving Chapel Hill and coming back to Charlotte for the summer worth it.
  10. I’m a student at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I forget how prestigious the school is and I’m so blessed to have gotten in.
  11. I went to Governor’s School (aka the best summer of my life).  So many memories, stories, pictures, people that make me wish I had a blog during that summer so I can remember more specifically what made it so awe-inspiring.
  12. I can play tennis.
  13. I played the oboe in high school.
  14. I got a 5 on my AP 3D art portfolio senior year of high school.
  15. I finally painted and redecorated my room during winter break freshman year.
  16. I’m going to Serbia this summer.
I’m sorry if that got boring to read and if you just skipped down to this part, that’s completely fine.  That list was probably more for me than anything.  But I encourage you all to remember that God does bless you.  Remember not to discount the small things in life and hype up the bad things that happen.  Trust me, it’s not fun.  It leads to break downs with your mom that make you miss the first episode of The Bachelorette.

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