Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

You are so great.  I hope I’ve told you that lately.

I love your humor that always seems to pick on the most bizarre things but is so funny I can’t help but laugh my “donkey laugh”.

I’ve loved talking to you about stuff in my life, especially since I’ve gone to college.  You have such great advice about relationships, desires, goals, needs, friendships and I’ve loved using that advice in my life.

You kicked my butt when you told me to start looking for work and internships this summer and for that I’m so grateful.  It was definitely the motivation I needed to get the opportunities I did.

I love all the small things I’ve been able to do with you the past year like sitting here together and having you explain the golf tournament to me.

I love you for explaining things to me instead of just telling me what to do in life.  That has been one of the greatest things you did to help me.

So basically, I love you and I love what you’ve done to help me grow into a mature Christian that wants to grow in the Lord.

So Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Enjoy your day (or what’s left of it since I posted this kind of late.  Oops!)


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