An Update on Life

Um seriously? I’ve gone two weeks since blogging (sans yesterday’s Father’s Day post)?! Well let me fix that right now by giving you a little update of my life!

I have a couple of goals for this summer that recently took off about oh, say, two weeks ago! (Convenient, right?)  One of them is volunteering with nursing programs so that I have experiences to reference when applying to nursing school this next semester.  The other was to make some moolah.

In a way that only God could, everything came together for me.  I now volunteer every Monday at the Pregnancy Resource Center which serves women mostly in poverty when they find out they’re pregnant.  There’s a nurse, Karen, on staff full time that operates the sonogram machine for the women and that’s who I shadow.

Through this shadowing, I’ve been able to see babies from 5 weeks to 22 weeks old!  It really is amazing to see them doing somersaults, counting their toes and fingers, seeing their little nose, finding out the gender of the baby, and hearing their heartbeat.  The moms that come in are special ladies too and the Pregnancy Resource Center demonstrates to them the immense love that God has for them.  Someday I’ll do a post about the Pregnancy Resource Center because it’s been so amazing.

The other place I volunteer is actually my doctor’s office and her associates and nurses.  It’s a clinical setting and something I have to get used to since I want to work in the hospital where there’s more hustle and bustle and less paperwork.  But I’ve been able to see a lot and the people there are great so I’m so excited!

And this summer is also about babysitting! I now babysit for three families very regularly.  Actually, I’m scheduled to babysit every week day from now until I go back to school- some days from 9:00am to 10:00pm.  Crazy!

And just because I like adding pictures, here’s a picture of last night.  The little boy was watching the US Open with me and the little girl was putting all of her clips in my hair.  I counted close to 30 clips after she was all done.  Her response after clipping clips into my hair for 20 minutes:  “You petty [pretty]”  Oh yes, you better believe I am the epitome of the prettiest babysitter. Even with 30 clips plastering my hair down so much it felt like I was bald.

But I’m enjoying being busy again because the first month I was back after school ended I did nothing. at all.

But that’s a quick recap of my life lately! I’m loving it but it does make for long, busy days.  Oh well, I’m loving it and I’ve got the beach and a trip to Serbia to look forward to!


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