I’m In Love


Yes, yes, yes!


(I’m excited.)

But why wouldn’t I be?  I’ve had Mac envy ever since last year when school started.  My friends will attest to that.

Both my friends and my dad emailed me the day Apple announced their summer promotion of $100 to iTunes and the app store.  So come Saturday, off to the Apple store my dad and I went to buy my new computer!

Let me tell  you, I was way impressed by the use of technology at the store.  I can see you now; rolling your eyes thinking ‘of course the technology was cool, it was in the Apple store, after all.’ But seriously, I was impressed.

My parents paid $750 of the computer and I paid the rest (which ended up being about $750 too).  Good thing I’m babysitting a lot this summer.

But let me tell you, I left that store with a permasmile.  The whole drive back I didn’t even mind that I drained my bank account of $750 because I had known for so long that this was something that I really wanted and didn’t want to buy just because other people had it or because it was new or something.

But I love surfing the web, skyping, taking pictures, and blogging so much right now!  And I can’t wait until I get some music on it too. 🙂 So moral of the story, talk to me, skype me, facebook me, comment here, anything to keep me glued to my new love.


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