Beach Vacation Day #2

The day started out at 7:45 am when the two kids woke me up by coming in my bed and snuggled with me.  I was then able to sneak off for about an hour and listen to one of Elevation’s sermons and listen to a couple of songs before an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon, and fruit made by Brammie.

Then we all got suited up and went off to the beach for an amazing day of wave jumping, sand crab catching, seaweed-flinging, sand-digging, and picture-taking day.  Here’s a not-so-beautiful-but-good-enough picture from today that shows you little JJ.  Someday Mads and I will invite him on one of our photoshoots so you guys can really see who he is.

We then came back to the quintessential American meal of hotdogs, baked beans, carrot sticks, and watermelon fixed again by the wonderful Brammie.

About an hour into our siesta that afternoon Madelyn and I parked our behinds on the couch and made a couple of videos, skyped a couple of my friends, and played this addicting game.  We made several silly movies but I also managed to squeeze a couple of somewhat serious videos out of her including this video about what went on at the beach today.  (Sorry for the video/sound delay, I fiddled with it for awhile and I couldn’t find a way to fix it.)

But perhaps my favorite part of the whole day happened after that when I was called by Aileen (the mom) because my favorite movie in the whole wide world was on; The Parent Trap.  Madelyn and I quickly parked our behinds again on their bed and watched it until we were called down for dinner (local bbq cuisine!).

But to my delight, when we were called down to dinner and we were still in the middle of the movie, her parents allowed us all to turn it on downstairs and finish it.  The whole family even joined in in watching it too.

That movie totally brings me back to my childhood as it was the first movie I’d ever seen in a theater and I was just as glued to the movie as Madelyn was tonight (who had never seen it before).  When I really thought about it though, I was not surprised at all why she loved it so much.  1. She’s basically my twin so if I loved it, she loved it and, 2. I first saw the movie when I was 7, the same age as Madelyn is now.

During the commercial breaks I went upstairs and hung with Jeremy, Madelyn’s brother.  I’ve hung with this family ever since he was born but for some reason he hasn’t been as attached to me as Madelyn was.  It’s probably because I come back only during the summers since I’m away at school the rest of the year but folks, I think I might have won him over a little today.  After playing games upstairs, we went downstairs and he actually let me change him into his pajamas.

I know, not a huge deal, but when it’s the first time he’s let you change him, I call that a huge step forward!  He even gave me a kiss on the cheek when I asked him.  What a sweet boy.

So all in all, I loved today through and through.  And I’m not sure how tomorrow could get any better.  Thank you again, Boltz family, for inviting me on this fabulous vacation with you guys.


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