A Wonderful Fourth

This fourth of July was one of my favorites.  I’d say it was all because I’ve got cool friends that travel down from Raleigh for the day so we can all hang out.

Mary Katherine, Julie, and I met at Amy’s pool while she lifeguarded and Becca worked.  We didn’t have much to do but don’t worry, we weren’t bored.  We had fourth of July relay races and games to watch including the Dime Dive, Limbo (complete with a bloody nose for one little girl), Beer Dive (the parents were blindfolded and the lifeguards threw bottles of beer in the pool then the parents had to search for the beer- whichever bottles they found they got to keep), relay races, and Watermelon Rugby (the watermelon was greased and two teams were trying to get the watermelon to the other side- this was the most insane game since one lady got knocked out after the watermelon slipped out of someone’s hands and landed on her head).  So yeah, we were entertained.  And tan.

After leaving the pool and stopping by Target in search of big red hair bows (no luck), we all got ready at Amy’s house for dinner.  We found a restaurant that was open on July 4th (kind of a reality check when we realized restaurants, malls, and grocery stores weren’t open on July 4th- duh) just as a huge thunderstorm blew in and threatened to cancel all fireworks.

But luckily, the rain passed and after dinner we wasted time until dusk when we went to Becca’s club to watch fireworks.

After fireworks we were planning on watching the Bachelorette but found out it was a rerun from a previous week.  I mean, c’mon ABC, my weekly dose of gossip is worth so much more than Happy Birthday, America!

So we instead decided to watch a scary movie.  If anyone’s wondering, The Roommate is, in fact, a scary movie.  But again, don’t worry, because we had sustenance to keep our hearts racing at lightning speed throughout the whole movie with the help of Amy’s red velvet cupcakes…

…and Becca’s cookies and white chocolate strawberries dipped in blue sprinkles.  YUM.

After crashing and waking up 6 hours later, we headed off to good ‘ol Waffle House since some of us (myself included) had never been.  Definitely fun and Waffle House got big points for being cheap.  Awesome for a college kid.  Actually, going to Waffle House made me wish there was a Waffle House on the way back from church in Chapel Hill so we could mix it up between that and Bojangles every Sunday.

After breakfast we had an extra half an hour to kill before Amy had to leave for work so we decided it was time to proclaim our totally-ok-with-it-nerdiness to the whole Waffle House staff and diners when we broke out Bananagrams and played at the table for 30 minutes.

After that, Amy left for work and the rest of us left for Ikea and wandered around wishing, hoping, coveting, dreaming, and planning for our future home/apartment/dorm room.

So my fourth wasn’t particularly special, it was just spent with special people.  People that I can’t wait to hang out with all.the.time. come August 20!  (Lindsay also gets an honorable mention here since she wasn’t able to come this weekend but is so part of this.)

Did you guys have any special plans for the fourth?  Any one make delicious July 4th themed food?  Or want to share any crazy patriotic outfits they wore/saw?  Do tell.

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