Music Monday: Janette Ikz

It seems like lately I’ve been in a rebellious mood with Music Monday.  Along with skipping it for a couple of weeks, I posted a Little Einstein’s theme song on a Tuesday about two weeks ago.

But since I’m the creative manager, writer, and editor for this blog, I’m not only going to let that slide but also continue the trend this week with a spoken poem by Janette Ikz.  My sister, Meredith, told my family about this on Saturday when she got back from Camp Lurecrest.  Instead of reading it, I watched it online and I was so impressed.  So in awe.  So humbled.  So mystified.

So… you should watch it.  I know it’s 7ish minutes long, but please please take 7 minutes out of your day and watch it through.  You won’t regret it and i hope you enjoy!


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