Been Eatin’ Well

I’ve had a lot of good food lately.  And I’ve enjoyed it.

Here’s a little of what you’re missing and I’m enjoying (meant in the most humble way possible):

I was completely in awe when I came down for breakfast on Saturday and this was sitting on the table with my name on a little card sitting next to it.  My mom sure is the best.

After church, Meredith and I went to TCBY for lunch.  Yes, frozen yogurt for lunch.  And I didn’t even feel bad about it.

Wanna guess which one was mine and which one was Meredith’s? (hint: I’m not one for gummy bears in ice cream- they get too hard and frozen then don’t taste very good anymore)

And lastly, I made these wonderful chicken, bacon, and avocado quesadillas for dinner on Sunday for the family.  So delish.  I got the idea from a picture on pinterest but the original picture and recipe can be found here.

It’s the little things that have been so wonderful lately, especially since I haven’t spent much time at home due to babysitting and volunteering at doctor’s offices.

What about you guys?  Have you eaten/cooked anything delicious lately?  Or maybe you have a story behind why something was not delicious? I’m hoping I won’t have one of those stories soon; I’m enjoying the good food too much.


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