Serbia and Greece Trip: Day One

For any of you that don’t know, I’m leaving today at 1:05 pm FOR SERBIA!! (oh, and GREECE!!)

Why Serbia, you may ask?  Well two years ago, my family hosted the most wonderful girl from Serbia for a year and I figured it was high time to visit her.  Meet Dina (from 2 years ago in Charlotte):


She will be my host (along with her family and friends) the next two weeks around Serbia and Greece.  With this special girl, I know there will be many wonderful memories ahead.  (And with her friends, many crazy memories…)

In order to remember everything that happens during the trip, I’m planning on blogging everyday with a short description of what we’ve done and a couple of pictures to sum up the day but it might turn into every two or three days since I’m not sure what the internet si-chee-a-shun (situation if you can’t figure out my weird phonetic spelling) is when I’m there.  That way 1.) I remember to upload all my pictures from my camera every day in case something happens to them and 2.) I’ll stay accountable for writing down what we did that day so I don’t forget a couple weeks/days later.

I haven’t officially left for my trip yet (not until 1:05 pm), but I’m still calling it Day One because I’m nervous, jittery, couldn’t sleep, and am still doing last minute packing.  So I guess that means tomorrow might be a dump from the first and second day since today and tomorrow are basically nothing but traveling (for 16 hours…)

So that’s the plan and I hope I stick to it!  If you want to get ahold of me to wish me luck, ask me questions, or let me know what you’re thinking when I’m traveling, 1.) post a comment here (that way all the travel stuff is in the same area) or 2.) send me an email at

Please don’t text or call me while I’m there since I’ll have to ignore you (instead, use above mentioned forms of communication) because calls are ridiculously expensive and I only have a limited amount of texts to send while there.  And really, I don’t want to be tempted by your (what I assume to be) loving, wonderful texts from you special people when I can’t read them. 🙂

I think that is all!  Stay tuned for future updates and thank you for all your prayers and well-wishes!



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7 responses to “Serbia and Greece Trip: Day One

  1. Have fun! I’ll be burning with jealousy that you get to go to Greece and eat awesome Greek food on cliffs and such. (Okay all I know about Greece is totally from Mama Mia and/or Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).

  2. Have fun! We have a beautiful country 🙂

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