Quick Serbia Post

Hi blog world!

This post is what I expect to be a normal-sized post while I’m here.  Actually, it may be on the longer side since the next ones will have more photos instead. But I have a long (really long) post coming soon. Well… as soon as I can get internet. My computer for some strange reason is not connecting to the internet in Dina’s flat so I’m using her computer until we fly to Greece tomorrow and use the internet where we’re staying.

I’m dying to publish the other post I wrote while on planes/airports in New York, Poland, and Germany and also show you some pictures of what we did today but I don’t really have a choice right now since my (what I thought to be) perfect computer is being stubborn right now.

But a quick blurb about today– I woke up at 11:00 am (9 hours of sleep) after not sleeping for 22 hours. So that means that I am officially not jet lagged! Yay, young body that can adapt quickly!

We then had breakfast, Dina’s sister, Anja, met us at the flat and we walked around Belgrade until we stopped for coffee and met Dina’s friend, Andre. We then went to the supermarket and picked up lunch around 3:00 pm and came back to the flat. That’s where we are now.

Later tonight, we’re going out to meet one of Dina’s friends who I talked to last year on skype.

Thanks for all the great words and prayers while I was traveling! They all really helped me. I was not nervous, scared, or anxious the whole time I was traveling!

Talk to you all later– Ciao!

Ps- All of the times I write while in Serbia/Greece are written in the time of the country I’m in. Serbia is 6 hours ahead of Charlotte and Greece is 7. (For example, I woke up at 11:00 am here in Serbia but it would be 5:00 am in Charlotte.)



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3 responses to “Quick Serbia Post

  1. Tressa Morrow

    Andrea: I was so comfortable with the way you would handle plane changes. It was very special to have our prayer time at the airport.

    • Thank you! The prayer time before I left was very special to me as well– it’s probably the reason why I never had any problems (both with the system and my nerves).

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