Serbia and Greece Trip: Day 3/4/5/6

Hi everyone!

So I know I’m not very current with my posts but it’s harder to find internet and time than I thought.  Right now I’m in Polihrono, Greece but just so I don’t skip anything, I’m going back to my third day when I spent it with Dina and Anja (Dina’s sister) in Belgrade and fill you in with tons and tons of pictures.

And you think I’m kidding…

First, a short recap of what we’ve done.

Basically, my third day, we woke up, got ready, walked around Belgrade until about 3:00 pm, and went by Kalemegdan, “Kalič”, a fortress with beginnings in the 3rd century B.C.  Then we went back to their flat for lunch and then met some friends in a cafe.

That night, Dina got really sick and it was really hard to see her that way.  We dont know what happened but she ended up getting a small fever.  But no worries, it’s nothing Anja, sleep, and the promise of being in Greece the next day couldn’t fix.

The next day, the fourth day, Anja and Nikola (Anja’s boyfriend) came to pick us up and took us to the airport.  Let me just recap the whole trip by saying that driving in Europe in general is CRAZY.  Example: three lanes in one street turn to the left and suddenly become one lane.

We had a very uneventful flight to Greece and when we got through customs, I got to meet Dina’s parents!!  They are the nicest, most wonderful people.  They try so hard to speak to me in English and I love them for it.  Dina’s mom, Vesna, especially wants to work on her English and she talks to me all the time.  Oh, and her dad, Miroslav, cooks like nobody’s business.

And that night and the fifth and sixth day I can recap as MANY different languages, wonderful people, different customs, hanging out in clubs, laying on the beach, swimming on the beach, riding a speedboat on the beach, and lots and lots of coffee.

Two things I definitely don’t want to forget about Greece is the salt from the sea dried in my hair making it crunch and having salt dry on my skin, and the wonderful insight I’ve had on America and other countries from the many conversations I’ve had with kids my age all over Europe.

And now, pictures:



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  1. So…your friend totally looks like the girl from Victorious. Also, I must now go blackmail my Dad into taking me to Greece, because that water looks awesome.

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