Greece: the land where…

Today is my last day in Greece (cue extremely sad face) but Dina and I won’t let the last night go without a trace so we got dressed up, walked around Polichrono, and came to Tropical, the bar we go to every night for drinks. Not sure when our friends are going to show up but we’re having a great time talking and soaking up the last couple of hours in Greece. We might even make a 3:00 am run for gyros!

Greece: the land where…

– men wear speedos
– children swim naked
– women embrace their natural body shape
– coffee and drinks are their own food group and deserve at least 1 hour of your day
– tv doesn’t exist because there are millions of better things to do
– you can become friends with anyone (only if you speak the same language…)
– good food is everywhere
– the children run free
– the water is so clear you can see several yards to the bottom of the sea
– you can spend a whole week and not meet a single American
– eating meals inside instead of on the balcony is for losers
– you can buy fresh fruit right on the beach
– siestas are a lifesaver after sitting in the sun all morning
– sleeping with anything more than a thin sheet means waking up in the middle of the night sweating
– salt dries on your skin during your first swim of the day and stays there all day
– anyone can get tan
– bathing suits are acceptable forms of clothing anywhere

We leave tomorrow morning at 10:00 am and drive to Paracin, Serbia (Dina’s hometown) and will stay there for about two days until we go full circle back to Belgrade.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


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