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First off, I want to thank all of you who read my blog.  Really, it was so fun throughout my trip to take pictures, think of fun posts to write while sun tanning on the beach or swimming in the water, and reading all the wonderful comments you wrote.  It made me so thankful that I have great people like you in my life.

And second of all, can you believe it’s been way over two weeks since the last time I posted on my blog?!  Well I’m calling myself out and saying that that is unacceptable!

Wow, I don’t even know where to start since so much has happened in the last two weeks!  Ok, let me start by catching everyone up:

– I went to Serbia and Greece for two weeks in late July- early August and it was AMAZING!!  I could write forever about it and all the things I’ve learned from it.  Oh wait, what’s that?  You mean I already wrote some posts about it?!  Well that’s terribly convenient- here, let me make it more convenient for you and link the first post from my travels here: post 1.
– I got back and did some babysitting and finished my doctor’s office internship.
– I packed for college.
– I went to college.
– I lived at college for 8 days (and counting…)

So I’ve done quite a bit since the last time I posted but I’ve enjoyed it all.  I’m really excited about the upcoming year for a couple of reasons:

– My lovely roommate, Lindsay (who I wrote a post about a couple of months ago- she’s #3.)
– NOT having a chemistry class this year (remember this hateful post about chemistry from last year?  Looking back, that post is almost embarrassing haha.)
– Not having the same learning curve as last year as a freshman.
– Going to Summit Church every week while I’m here.

It feels really good to finally have a post online again.  Really, I was starting to get panicky because if I didn’t post soon, I didn’t think there would be a post all semester!

But I love to include pictures in every post that I can so here are some pictures from move-in day, sushi night with my girls, and the Cru hoedown.




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