Labor Day/ Best Weekend Ever at Home

Last weekend, I went home to Charlotte.  And it was perhaps the best weekend home I’ve ever had.  I’d say it was due to the combination that I’d only been in school about 2 weeks so I wasn’t swamped down with homework, it was a three day weekend so I had an extra day to hang out, and we all relaxed and had great conversations.

Last year, it felt like everyone went home for Labor Day weekend so I thought it would fairly easy to find a ride to get home to Charlotte for the weekend this year.  But it was surprisingly harder than I thought.  But Tiffany came to the rescue and her and her car were a huge blessing!

I finally got home after dealing with the ECU/USC football game traffic and got to relax and talk to my mom for about an hour about my future and my wishes for nursing school and my purpose in that, etc.  It’s always nice to share those longings with someone else so you don’t forget about them or hide them and pretend they never existed.  So thanks, Mommy!

That Saturday is honestly a blur to me.  I remember I woke up and went for a run and then went over to Madelyn’s house and enjoyed a wonderfully scrumptious pancake breakfast cooke by Brammie, got my hair cut, and then later that night our neighbors had a cookout for the street.  This is when my memory comes back crystal clear because I was [practically] the only one who who was not under 10 or over 40 years old… Picture me standing there awkwardly with a plate of food in one hand and a drink in the other not sure if I should sit with the adults and deal with forced conversations or head on over to the little kids who were running around like cats and running into walls.

But in reality, it was all good.  I played with the kids for .2 seconds then went to the adults and had some great conversations, especially with my neighbor/the hostess, Heidi, who I always enjoy chatting with and getting her perspective on things.

Side note, and I know this may label me as the creepy teenage-cougar neighbor but if my neighbor’s son was 6 years older (aka not in middle school), I would totally have a crush on him!  Alright, now stop being middle schoolers yourself and stop giggling, but he’s just an awesome kid!  In the course of the entire summer, I don’t think I’ve seen/talked to him at all.  But this weekend we were both in our driveways and he said “Hey, Andrea!  How was your summer?”  I mean, come on.  Don’t tell me that that doesn’t merit the title of “Coolest Middle School Neighbor In the Whole Neighborhood”.

And on a less creepy note…

That Saturday (or Friday) I had mentioned to my mom that I was craving coconut.  And Sunday morning, I woke up to my mom baking me a COCOUNT CREAM PIE!!  Can that woman get a round of applause?!  Because that pie was amazing.  (And I have no shame in admitting that I had some of it for breakfast.)

And after church, we all came home and enjoyed the rest of the pie along with great conversation.  I really appreciate my parents being transparent about their faith, decisions, experiences, life because it shows me they trust me to handle it all.  It’s also amazing how much a year away at college can change your perspective on things.  Tears were shed, and it could not have been better.

And then I can’t really remember what we did until that night when my mom, dad, and I went to a nearby putting green and putted for about an hour.


And my favorite shot from the night:

My mom had just won the putting round and was very excited about it.  Aren’t they cute together?!

And for the record, my dad and I tied with 5 points each and my mom had 1 point…  At least I got her 1 point on camera. 🙂

And Monday (I promise I’m wrapping this up soon), I went to breakfast with Meredith to meet Stefan!  It’s crazy because I had just seen Stefan 3 weeks earlier in Serbia!  But it was so nice to see him at Panera and hear about his time in America.  Goodness I love Serbians!!!

And after that, I went home and enjoyed a lunch of quesadillas and leftover pie and conversation about a longing for changed hearts in the world and our country.  Gosh, I love my family.

And that was my Labor Day weekend!  Well, not exactly… Meredith and I did get roped into some manual labor at some point in the weekend and I got to snap this picture of Meredith.  You’re welcome. 🙂



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4 responses to “Labor Day/ Best Weekend Ever at Home

  1. Tressa Morrow

    Gosh, I love my Andrea 🙂 I read your blog as soon as it came out, but today I saw the pictures. Good job!! My favorite is of Meredith mowing. Hmmmm, we never did get a picture of you doing manual labor did we? hehehe

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