60° Weather

There’s nothing better than waking up to a cool, 60° day.  Except maybe having a wonderful cup of soup on a cool, 60° day.  (Oh, and coffee! But I’m getting that later today so it’s all good…)

That’s precisely what I did today.  After class, I got a cup of soup (aka udon noodle soup, aka NOT cafeteria food!!) and went back to my dorm room to enjoy it.

Haha, look at my “enjoying” face.

And I wish I could say I ate soup delicately so I could sit on the futon and watch tv at the same time without spilling but sadly, that is not the case.  So I ended up looking like this, dishtowel wrapped around my neck to catch drips and all.  (And staring straight at the tv.)

Going along with the trendy “dishtowel fashioned into a scarf”, today I sported a partly wet jacket due to my water bottle leaking all over my backpack.  I live a glamorous life…


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