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I realize the title of this post may be a bit confusing since I’ve been blogging for seven, almost eight, months.  But I’ve recently added a bit to to my blog and I realized that I could point out a couple parts of my blog that maybe you didn’t know were there.  (And, really, who doesn’t love a behind-the-scenes view?)

So first off, I guess I could explain the title of my blog.  When I was first making my blog, I racked my brain to think of things that meant something to me, I kept coming back to my favorite songs my mom plays on the piano and there was really only one clear winner; Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera.  It’s by far my favorite Broadway musicals/movies from the first time I saw it in NYC when I was 14 (?).

Here’s a youtube clip to help jog your memory:

If you’ve seen Phantom of the Opera (on Broadway or movie) you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say I love it because of the different views of love and the relationships between the characters.  So no, it’s not me channeling “Think of me.  Think of this blog.  Follow this blog.” vibes at you, it’s just a song that I have always loved.

As for the background/header/any other aesthetic element of the blog, that’s always temporary and can change next week if I feel like it.  Right now, the header picture is one I took when I went to Greece this summer.  That picture doesn’t even do the Greek waters justice since the water in the picture is actually a bit choppier than the rest of the week.

And if you look at the right side of the page, just under the header, I have my “Currently…” section.

This section I edit every time I have a new post (unless I post more than once a day) so that way you know what’s going on with me and it gives you a little incentive to come back for each post.  I’m sneaky, I tell ya…

And just under that…

…is the link to my own Pinterest account!  (Which is my all-time favorite website where you can learn things like how to shop like a french girl.)  I mean, really, what do you have to lose by getting a Pinterest account besides hours of your time drooling over the most wonderful outfits, thought-provoking and quirky quotes, the cutest kids in the entire universe, gorgeous weddings, and oh-my-goodness-I-need-to-find-a-kitchen-and-cook-that-NOW food?

Another part of my blog has to do with the tabs at the top of the page, above the header.

These are a couple of tabs that go into parts of my life a bit more.

  • Home: that’s where all my posts go when I hit “Publish.”
  • Blogs: I’ve had several people ask me which blogs I follow and so I added another tab that has a list of all my favorite blogs on it.
  • Inspirations: A place for me to put all my favorite quotes.
  • Once-Over: This is a short intro to moi.
  • UNC: Admittedly, this tab doesn’t see much of my lovin’ right now but it will definitely grow more this year.

Other than my blog format, (nearly) every Monday I do a Music Monday post about a song that I’m particularly into at the moment.  Sometimes with a lil’ bit of commentary too!

I’m thinking of adding another weekly post of some kind, maybe some of my favorite things I’ve pinned on Pinterest, outfits, just pictures from the week, etc.  But you’ll just have to come back later to find out what I do!

So that’s my blog, folks!  Only 7 months late but now I have more stuff to show to you guys instead of one measly post that sounds so awkward and lonely haha.  But 7 months later, it’s still true- this is a place where I can “nest” so grab a cup of tea and enjoy!


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