Dear Meredith…

I am soo upset that I can’t see you in the Carrousel pageant today.  Majorly bummed.  But I know you are gonna rock that dress and heels and you’ll look so suave and cute that you’ll just wow everyone.

I wish I could be backstage looking at you while you’re onstage but I’m stuck here in Chapel Hill in my sociology class that moves as slow as the carpool line at AK in the morning.  (Although you said that it’s actually fast now which totally defeats that analogy.)

I’m so excited for you and I wish I had the guts you do to have done that.  Thanks for sending me pictures and keeping me in the loop about what’s been going on this week and I love that you text me back now. 😉

Now get on that stage and work it!


Update: SHE TOTALLY WON!!! My sister is now undeniably the most beautiful, talented girl in the house!!  I’m sending big wet kisses your way, Mere!






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2 responses to “Dear Meredith…

  1. I absolutely love you. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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