Music Monday: Pavane, Op. 50

The past couple of days and into tomorrow are consumed with anatomy.  And not the interesting part of anatomy where you learn how parts of your body work, either.  The straight-up memorization of nearly all 206 bones of the body as well as different parts of the bones and the parts of the brain as well.

This was me yesterday circa 12:30 am:

(I’m begging my professor to let my brain out of its misery.)

Medial sacral crest, acromion, ethmoid bone, and intertubercular groove are only a couple of the hundreds of words that are swimming around in my head right now.

So whenever I need a sanity check, I listen to classical music.  I have a couple of classical albums thanks to pilfering my dad’s cd collection so there’s some really good ones to choose from.  Fauré is my favorite right now.

The good thing is, I’m not stressed about the test; just really tired of studying.  And I can feel my brain pulsing pretty much any time of the day.

I’m just gonna pretend that’s normal…


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