The Best Sestra

Yesterday, I received the best text ever.  I didn’t win the lottery, or get an award for shortest time between waking up and getting to class (which I should today, by the way, I woke up at 8:54am and got to class by 9:02am).  No, I got something better: a text from my best friend in Serbia.  Dina is the foreign exchange student that stayed with me during my junior year of high school and who I got to see this summer.

(All pictures are from my trip to Serbia and Greece this summer.)

Dina and I had several conversations during the trip and how much fun we were having but we also talked about what happened while she lived with us in America.  The main theme was that I stress out a lot and when I allow myself to relax, I’m really easy going and enjoy life so much more.  But I don’t get to see that side of me a lot during the school year because of classes and tests and obligations.

And it’s good not to have fun all the time, but at a point, you start losing opportunities to forge relationships because of the time you’re preoccupied with all that stress.

All of that was to say that while in Serbia, I asked Dina if she could remind me sometime during the school year that I need to remember to de-stress and add some fun into my life.  Well… it just so happens that I completely forgot that I asked her to do that and it just so happens that Dina remembered and sent me the most amazing text ever:

Hey girl! 🙂 you told me in Serbia one day to remind you to loosen up a little it.  As far as I remember, you told me that I should do it, because you tend to get lost in school work, duties and stuff that are taking the majority of your time, so you forget to chill… So slow down a little bit, have some fun and try to enjoy this period of life… Because it should be fun and memorable 🙂 

This is all my hope to all of you, too.  Make sure you don’t become preoccupied with anything (be it school, work, volunteering, or even parties) so much that you forget to form bonds with the people around you!

I’m so thankful to God that he put Dina in my life and works through her to remind me of these great lessons.  So thank you, Dina, for being the best sestra I could ever ask for!



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3 responses to “The Best Sestra

  1. I love this! And you are gorgeous- love the pictures!

  2. Dina

    It’s been 5 years since I sent you this text.

    I want you to know I still and always will wish the best for you!

    Volim te,


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