Music Monday: Peace Sign

This week, the hall I live on in my dorm had hall-pals.  You know, like pen-pals, but right across the hall!  So our RA chose our hall-pals for us and emailed us all their names and their room number.  We were supposed to give them a letter or tape a joke on their door or something fun like that.  So for the girl I got paired with, I bought her pretzel M&M’s from the cafeteria (cause they’re my favorite M&M’s) and put them in a cute box with glitter streamers (from a present my mom sent me) and taped it on her door with a little letter.  Cute, right?

But then the next day, I found a note on my door (with some gorgeous handwriting!) and there was a CD inside…  M&M’s might taste good but great music is amazing!  She must have known that I needed more music (and not the top 20 stuff but some real quality songs) because it was a mix CD of all her favorite songs!  There were 20 songs and I had one or two of the songs (from artists like Florence + the Machine and Mipso Trio) but the others I had never heard of before and I love them all!

So forgive me if Lights is a huge band and I should have heard of them years before now but at least I know now.  Oh my, I love college and hall-pals!


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