Music Monday: “Cold December Night”

Can anyone else believe it’s December?  Last year at this time I was in the library 24/7 studying for my chemistry 101 exam and bundling up every time I walked out of my dorm in 2 jackets, gloves, hat, and about 3 scarves.  But this year, I barely need a thick jacket and actually ate lunch with my friends outside yesterday!  Strange weather we have in the south…

But even with the lack of cold weather, I’m getting into the Christmas mood with the help of Christmas music.  And the best album I’ve listened to lately is from Michael Buble.  I absolutely love his voice and his songs are so fun and dreamy.

But my absolute favorite song from his album is “Cold December Night” because it’s not only got a catchy tune but it’s also a song I hadn’t heard before.  So please enjoy the sweet serenading sound of Michael Buble!



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4 responses to “Music Monday: “Cold December Night”

  1. Tressa Morrow

    I can’t believe it….. Daddy and I watched a clip about him last night on 60 minutes. I told Daddy I wanted to get that music – CD for me though!! To bad I can’t download this to hear it, but I agree, I got to hear that great voice on the clip last night.

  2. I love Michael Buble’s Christmas album! Wonderful choice. 🙂

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