Instagram-ing My Way Across Central America

Sólo he estado en El Salvador cuarenta días

Besides my blog, one of the best ways to see what I’m doing in El Salvador and Honduras is to follow me on Instagram (@a_morrow_). It’s very easy for me to update it since I take lots of pictures on my iphone and whenever I have internet, I upload them.  But I know that not everyone has Instagram so I wanted to put them here so everyone could see them!

These pictures will hopefully give you some detail shots of what my days have been like here in Central America.


“Packed for El Salvador! #onemoreday #lehhgo”


“Loading up on my favorites one last time #20hourstogo”




“When bunnies fall asleep in your arms>>>>>> #elsalvador”


“One more bunny pic. Because when can you ever have too many bunnies?!”


“Nursing status #elsalvador”


“Watching the UNC dook game all the way in El Salvador #goheels”


“Favorite line in El Salvador so far: ‘You don’t know how to make tortillas?!’ Ha. Thanks Kaitlin :)”


“Definitely the highlight of my week. Just smile at them and you’re instant friends 🙂 #elsalvador


“Joke’s on you, North Carolina- it’s snowing in #elsalvador too! #justkidding #its99degrees”


“Good morning! #elsalvador”


“Teaching this cutie to draw today #elsalvador”


“I call this ‘Andrea Goes International Thrift Shopping’ #dreamcometrue #elsalvador”


“NOM. #cinnamontoastcrunch #elsalvador”


“First day in the lab! (These are white and red blood cells that I prepared on the slide.) #elsalvador


“After the hottest day yesterday, I’m thankful for these clouds and a cooler day. #elsalvador”


“And the baking marathon begins! #elsalvador #cookiesfor30people”

“Seven dozen cookies later… and still not done. It’s a good thing I love baking! #elsalvador #bakingforavillage”


“Homemade taquitos for David’s birthday #allwedoiseateateat #elsalvador”


“Imagine going to the bathroom and looking up to see this… #myliferightnow #elsalvador”


“That time I travelled to #Honduras for a week to translate for a medical team…”


“Puppy time in #Honduras!!! (Also, this girl is going to the BEACH today!)


“Visited Siete de Mayo today- one of the poorest towns I’ve been to since coming to Central America. #Honduras”


“It was so humbling to serve these people medically today. So sad to see their living conditions though. #Honduras”


“Just now realizing how addicted I am to Natural Juice in #Honduras #fourdaysinarow #betterthansmoothieking”


“Happy to be back in #elsalvador (if only for 3 days)! Celebrating with fresh flowers.”


“Literally crossing the #Honduras/#ElSalvador border this morning.”

I hope that was able to show you some more detail photos of what I’ve gotten to experience so far in El Salvador and Honduras! I still have to work on writing those larger main idea posts but limited internet access plus not a lot of free time equals limited blog posts.

Anyway, if you have an account, follow me on Instagram! (@a_morrow_) Thanks for coming and reading!



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5 responses to “Instagram-ing My Way Across Central America

  1. That was actually a pretty fun way to start my business day. Until the spider. Then I cried a little and my dog was like “what the heck?” Also, please send food. Everything looks delicious.

    • Tressa Morrow

      My favorite picture was of International Thrift Shopping! That’s my girl. You’d be proud of the way I am finding bargains on my internet shopping for the house.

  2. What a fun post! Keep up the good work, Andrea! Praying for you today!

    PS. Enjoy the warm (hot) weather, Spring welcomed us with a high of 30 degrees today! 🙂

    • Oh no! I was just thinking earlier today how much I’ve enjoyed skipping the “I wish it was warmer” phase this time of year! Also, I was in Choluteca, Honduras last week with the Asbury team and met Jonathan and Faith from Asbury. They’re a great couple!

  3. Stuart Shepherd

    Great pictures Andrea thanks for sending them. Still praying.

    Sent from my iPad

    Stuart 704 644 2519

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