Hi there!

I’m a college junior at UNC Chapel Hill which makes me a tar heel, born and raised!

I am passionate about relationships, decorating, children, and my friends and I identify myself as a follower of Christ, nanny to some wonderful kids, sister, daughter, friend, tar heel, student, dreamer, artist, and lover of El Salvador, Charleston, California, Chapel Hill, Greece, and Serbia.

I’m glad you’ve stopped by- sit down and enjoy a cup of tea while you read about me unpacking my thoughts and talking about some fun, silly things that go on around me.  I’d love to get to know you as well so please feel free to leave comments!

Wherever you go, God is sending you.
Wherever you are God has put you there.
He has a purpose in your being there.
Christ who indwells you has something He wants to do through you
where you are.
Believe this and go into the world in grace and love and power.

4 responses to “Once-Over

  1. Tressa Morrow

    Wow…. I read your entire blog. You are a fabulous writer… so clear, honest, colorful. Why in the world do you ask me to read your papers?

    • Thank you! I love having this blog.
      I love it when you read my papers! This blog is completely different writing than the stuff I turn into my professors.
      papers=awful and hard
      blog=easy and fun

  2. I’m totally impressed with this blog. I’ve been doing it for like 8 years now (God I’m a nerd…) and you’ve pretty much got all the basics right. Not to mention a good writing style. Darn you and your potential! Have fun, dude.

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