Exam Time Photobooth

Exam time: home of camping out at the library, eating large amounts of cookie dough, and taking large amounts of strange pictures on your computer.  Just see for yourself…

We also made some videos (you can see one if you go to my facebook).

Yes, this post really has no meaning but if I got you to look at strange pictures of my roommate and I and helped you procrastinate for a couple minutes, I feel like that’s a job well done!


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Just a Hilarious Video

So I knew that with finals week coming up I would be incredibly tempted to go on facebook, twitter, pinterest, my blog, other blogs, and just about anything that I could go on to procrastinate.  And that’s not good.

So instead, I downloaded StayFocused on google chrome (it’s a free app! kinda like this one) which limits the amount of time I spend on certain websites to a predetermined time.  So I blocked all aforementioned websites except for one hour per day (that’s cumulative for all those websites!)

And I’m very happy to say that my web surfing has been decreased significantly.  But I did sneak in a little Facebook this weekend and found this gem of a video.  Please be warned that you will laugh out loud.  So for those in the library studying like good students, help your fellow students out by sharing this with them and having the best four minute study break ever!

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Music Monday: “Cold December Night”

Can anyone else believe it’s December?  Last year at this time I was in the library 24/7 studying for my chemistry 101 exam and bundling up every time I walked out of my dorm in 2 jackets, gloves, hat, and about 3 scarves.  But this year, I barely need a thick jacket and actually ate lunch with my friends outside yesterday!  Strange weather we have in the south…

But even with the lack of cold weather, I’m getting into the Christmas mood with the help of Christmas music.  And the best album I’ve listened to lately is from Michael Buble.  I absolutely love his voice and his songs are so fun and dreamy.

But my absolute favorite song from his album is “Cold December Night” because it’s not only got a catchy tune but it’s also a song I hadn’t heard before.  So please enjoy the sweet serenading sound of Michael Buble!


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My Favorite Quote

Perusing Facebook, I came across a quote that made my day week life.  Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

The mom of a family I babysit for had posted it on her wall and it was such a God-send that she did.  As soon as I read it, I knew it was going to stick with me for awhile.  The quote is from Henri Nouwen, a priest in the 20th century.

“A waiting person is a patient person. The word “patience” means the willingness to stay where we are and live the situation out to the full in the belief that something hidden there will manifest itself to us. Impatient people are always expecting the real thing to happen somewhere else and therefore want to go elsewhere. The moment is empty. But patient people dare to stay where they are. Patient living means to live actively in the present and wait there. Waiting, then, is not passive. It involves nurturing the moment…”
– Henri Nouwen

This could not have come at a better time.  God’s been there all along, but I’ve been impatient, and stubborn to letting him in.  But this quote is challenging me to open up to him and live actively in Him.  I hope this quote helps all of you as much as it’s helped me!

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Music Monday: Peace Sign

This week, the hall I live on in my dorm had hall-pals.  You know, like pen-pals, but right across the hall!  So our RA chose our hall-pals for us and emailed us all their names and their room number.  We were supposed to give them a letter or tape a joke on their door or something fun like that.  So for the girl I got paired with, I bought her pretzel M&M’s from the cafeteria (cause they’re my favorite M&M’s) and put them in a cute box with glitter streamers (from a present my mom sent me) and taped it on her door with a little letter.  Cute, right?

But then the next day, I found a note on my door (with some gorgeous handwriting!) and there was a CD inside…  M&M’s might taste good but great music is amazing!  She must have known that I needed more music (and not the top 20 stuff but some real quality songs) because it was a mix CD of all her favorite songs!  There were 20 songs and I had one or two of the songs (from artists like Florence + the Machine and Mipso Trio) but the others I had never heard of before and I love them all!

So forgive me if Lights is a huge band and I should have heard of them years before now but at least I know now.  Oh my, I love college and hall-pals!

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The Best Sestra

Yesterday, I received the best text ever.  I didn’t win the lottery, or get an award for shortest time between waking up and getting to class (which I should today, by the way, I woke up at 8:54am and got to class by 9:02am).  No, I got something better: a text from my best friend in Serbia.  Dina is the foreign exchange student that stayed with me during my junior year of high school and who I got to see this summer.

(All pictures are from my trip to Serbia and Greece this summer.)

Dina and I had several conversations during the trip and how much fun we were having but we also talked about what happened while she lived with us in America.  The main theme was that I stress out a lot and when I allow myself to relax, I’m really easy going and enjoy life so much more.  But I don’t get to see that side of me a lot during the school year because of classes and tests and obligations.

And it’s good not to have fun all the time, but at a point, you start losing opportunities to forge relationships because of the time you’re preoccupied with all that stress.

All of that was to say that while in Serbia, I asked Dina if she could remind me sometime during the school year that I need to remember to de-stress and add some fun into my life.  Well… it just so happens that I completely forgot that I asked her to do that and it just so happens that Dina remembered and sent me the most amazing text ever:

Hey girl! 🙂 you told me in Serbia one day to remind you to loosen up a little it.  As far as I remember, you told me that I should do it, because you tend to get lost in school work, duties and stuff that are taking the majority of your time, so you forget to chill… So slow down a little bit, have some fun and try to enjoy this period of life… Because it should be fun and memorable 🙂 

This is all my hope to all of you, too.  Make sure you don’t become preoccupied with anything (be it school, work, volunteering, or even parties) so much that you forget to form bonds with the people around you!

I’m so thankful to God that he put Dina in my life and works through her to remind me of these great lessons.  So thank you, Dina, for being the best sestra I could ever ask for!


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Music Monday: Ingrid Michaelson

So I just found this gem while stalking someone’s facebook casually looking at my friend’s friend’s sister’s profile pictures from three years ago.  (Not really, but I’m not alone!)  And it just so happens that I’m glad I sound like a creeper now because I found this song.  Enjoy!

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November Resolutions

Could it be possible that I went this long without a post?  Seriously, after not blogging for about two weeks, the shame crept in.  But what can I say?  I love reading other people’s blogs, trying to get good grades, and hanging out with friends too much!

So in order to keep this blog and myself updated, I decided to have New Years resolutions two months early and for the month of November.  Really, I’m just going public with my to-do list for all you people to read.  But hopefully there is some fun stuff on it!

Without further ado, here ’tis:

  • Realize that all down time that I have needs to be devoted to my classes.  That means no more working on other work during classes, making sure I read books on time, and taking advantage of study guides.
  • However, that doesn’t mean that I need to become  a hermit, so this November I will remember that I need friends and fun time to remain sane.  Oh, and sleep.  Definitely sleep.
  • Bake one time just for the heck of it and hand it out to friends (hello pinterest!)
  • Blog two times per week (includes Music Monday).
  • Study for anatomy lab before the weekend before the test.
  • Have studied for a total of 4 hours for each class before Thanksgiving break so that I can relax more during break.  (I have 4 finals within 5 days this semester…)
And a special resolution for this week:
  • Keep my side of the room clean until Sunday night (I can hear you laughing, Lindsay…) That includes clothes on the floor, bed made, desk [relatively] clean, and dishes washed.
So yeah!  That’s my November Resolution and I’m glad I finally wrote it all down and actually blogged again!  I’ve missed this… 🙂

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A Dream

I had a dream last night that I went back to Serbia …I wish it was true.


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Music Monday: Foster the People

So my sister came this weekend (more on that later!).  And I wanted her to hear this new song that I heard on Ashley‘s blog the other week.  So I start playing it and not only 5 seconds into the song and she said “This is what you wanted me to hear?  This is all over the radio…”  (It was ‘Pumped Up Kicks’)

That’s ok, I’m just now really aware of how much of a bubble I’m in when I live at school.

And for those of you in the same boat as me, aka those who never listen to the radio at school, Foster the People is the best band out there at the moment.  Their album is amazing and while I really like their single Pumped Up Kicks, this is my other favorite song, Houdini.


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